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Random Lyrics for Virgin Sexy:

Artist:Christina Aguilera
Track:Virgin Sexy
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:She wants to be beutiful
Feeling kinda sexual
Getting it on
Hips moving walking down the street
Lips talkin' sayin' something sweet
But she doesn't know

Strobe lights
I'm lookin' tight
In my snake skin boots
Feelin' lucky tonight
C'mon hormones raging
I wanna turn the pageing
take a look inside
It's amazin

How do i know if i'm ready to take it there
Just thinkin' about it really scares me like Freddie
Coz i'm virgin, virgin sexy
If you want me just text me
Coz i'm havin' a chemical reaction
C'mon baby

Or she sees is lust in his eyes
Like he wants to be the first
She ain't ready for the suprise
He just wants to get the job done
Heading straight for the dangerzone
Daddy want to keep her ass home
Wants to explore the unknown
Roaming like a little cell phone

Verse 1

She wants to be beautiful
Feeling kinda sexual
Getting it on
Hips moving
Walking down the street
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Taken from the album  by Christina Aguilera
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